Rogers Hometown Hockey

In the #ICYMI file, Rogers Hometown Hockey was in the Cowichan (of which Ladysmith “plays” a big part in) during late January. Last summer, Doug Bodger took Hometown Hockey co-host Tara Slone on a tour around Ladysmith Harbour with Sealegs Kayaking for the My Hometown Must segment.
What a great opportunity to share just one of the amazing experiences that makes this one of the best places on earth. Watch the video below (and the entire event at the RHH website) and check out Sealegs Kayaking to plan your next adventure!


First blog post

This is our very first post! We started this blog to celebrate all that is amazing about the mid-island (Vancouver Island) and the special place Ladysmith plays right in the center of it all. Hikes, meals, events, arts, history, recreation and culture from the ocean to the mountains and everywhere in between.  A heritage place with a progressive pace.
Join us as our team of contributors celebrate all that is great about this special place. Contact us if you’d like to join the team and follow us on social @viewtosea

A View to Sea.
Ladysmith, BC – The place to BE.


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